Pro Circuit Season 1, Event 2/10 - Single Elim (V-G1BEHF)

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Format: V-G1BEHF (the top row sets - Base Set, Gambits, Year 1 Promos, Bases, Events, Heroes, Fleets)

Single Elimination - 1 game per round

Seeding: By Rank.  The number in parenthesis next to a player's name is their rank.  *(R) means that this is the person's first SRPC Event.


  • Each round will be labeled with a deadline (4 day intervals).   If your game is not complete by that deadline, your game will be voided so we can move on with the tournament.
  • Exception - I can be a little more lenient in this type of format than in the Swiss format.  If you communicate with me before the 4 day deadline that your game is almost done, I can wait.  But you must communicate.  No communication, no exceptions.

Pro Circuit Points

  • +50 pts - for participating
  • 80 pts - round of 128*
  • 120 pts - round of 64
  • 180 pts - round of 32
  • 270 pts - round of 16
  • 405 pts - round of 8
  • 610 pts - round of 4
  • 910 pts  - second place
  • 1350 pts - first place
*Beginning the tournament in the round of 128 does not award you these points automatically.  Other than the 30 pt participation bonus, you can only earn points by winning. 


冠军: (44) Dusto
有价值对手: (125) rocksbg


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