Pro Circuit Season 1, Event 2/10 - Single Elim (V-G1BEHF)


Tournament completed!

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Format: V-G1BEHF (the top row sets - Base Set, Gambits, Year 1 Promos, Bases, Events, Heroes, Fleets)

Single Elimination - 1 game per round

Seeding: By Rank.  The number in parenthesis next to a player's name is their rank.  *(R) means that this is the person's first SRPC Event.


  • Each round will be labeled with a deadline (4 day intervals).   If your game is not complete by that deadline, your game will be voided so we can move on with the tournament.
  • Exception - I can be a little more lenient in this type of format than in the Swiss format.  If you communicate with me before the 4 day deadline that your game is almost done, I can wait.  But you must communicate.  No communication, no exceptions.

Pro Circuit Points

  • +50 pts - for participating
  • 80 pts - round of 128*
  • 120 pts - round of 64
  • 180 pts - round of 32
  • 270 pts - round of 16
  • 405 pts - round of 8
  • 610 pts - round of 4
  • 910 pts  - second place
  • 1350 pts - first place
*Beginning the tournament in the round of 128 does not award you these points automatically.  Other than the 30 pt participation bonus, you can only earn points by winning. 

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: (44) Dusto
주목 받을 강자: (125) rocksbg

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